Social Media Marketing World Notes

by Ron Vitale

I attended Social Media Marketing World last week in San Diego and learned a ton of great things. Here are my notes:

Monday 4/8/13

Icebreaker questions to help with networking:

  • What are you passionate about?W
  • What is your top bucket list?
  • What is a great accomplishment you are proud of?

Larry Benet's other great points:

  • What can you do to help others?

Quality of your relationships is important. Relationships are key. Value is key. What can you do to help people? 

How can I help you? What is the most important project you're working on if I or my network can help you?

Follow up with people after an event is key.

Creating magic moments for other people. Be present. Birthdays, special days, etc.

Be a true friend and have their back. Create connection currency.

The girlfriend life Facebook fan page. Lots of shareable posting and affiliate links.

Guy Kawasaki talk:

  • Alltop to curate links
  • Jumpcut is a multiple level clipboard. Nice tool so you don't have to jump back and back through pages.
  • Holy Kaw great place for curating content
  • Smart brief share good content
  • Feed me tool. Good for getting content. Take your alltop feed (adding /rss to end of your link) and put into Feed Me
  • Buffer: create a buffer of stories for Twitter. Set up schedules. LinkedIn or Twitter. Extremely useful tool. Has a chrome extension
  • Doshare chrome plugin to post into google+
  • Nuke comments on Google+ chrome extension
  • Replies and more extension for chrome extension for g+
  • Life good place for content

Kyle Lacy talk: get the slides for the 2:-5 Monday session

Wearesocial from the UK. Small highly engaged communities is key

@Nichole_Kelly talk:

Luckyorange tool. $20 a month. Allows you to have a better tool for tracking what people are doing in your site

Tuesday morning session at social Media marketing world

Chris Brogan talk:

  • Have a separate landing page that is warm for each social media page. On Twitter, send people to a special twitter web page.
  • Set up a newsletter list.
  • Check Chris' site to see how he does signing up for a newsletter.
  • Podcasting is really good to do.
  • Cspenn on twitter. Follow him.

--Look into Chris' book on bravery

--Sign up for his newsletter

--Community Building for Big Brands

10:45 session


Susan from Sharpie: on Instagram, tumblr, Facebook, twitter. Evaluating snap chat and Path (for teens)

Revenue is a serving factor in building community.

Biggest ROI in using social is in humanizing your brand.

Find your 10% and you can turn your like to live. Ten percent of people out there will help your brand by being in love with your brand.

Sharpie is starting to look into what revenue is being brought in by social and why social is providing value.

Best tip on time management for building community is to focus. Do A/B testing and focus.  @ekaterina

@sharpie has a content strategy. Build that calendar out with your internal themes. Use something sime: Google docs. Need to have images as well not just words. Build out a month in advance.

What is the one thing you know now that you wish you new?

Sharpie: started talked product but now shines a light on their fans on how they use social

@kittykatsmith from the beginning, make sure you have executive sign off on using social

Page lover: Analytics tool for Facebook

How to transform organizational culture with social media

11:45am Tuesday Session

Things that derail social:

Budget and resources
Technology (is IT threatened by this)
Culture and leadership

For the Four Seasons, each hotel has a PR director and social media falls under that person. Kerri Holden @fsaustin

Four seasons invested time in training with 100 plus tutorials on a site for all the PR directors. There is also one on one training. There is also a monthly call and the PR directors share best practices.

Twitter session @markwschaefer

  • Learn how to increase small interactions with people overtime
  • The number of people following a brand has doubled in the last two years
  • Twitter is the most powerful way to find targeted information
  • Social media mindset:
    • Meaningful content
    • Targeted connections
    • Authentic helpfulness
  • Content must ignite. You have to find targeted connections.
  • Need to have a content strategy
  • Also need to have a network strategy: need to find people to help you (RT, etc.)
  • Help people and they will connect with you.

Go Steelers tweet:

He heard from Michelle, she asked for help with her blog, he got her a video camera, she made video for him, she got job in France, sent work to Mark, he passed on to others,  she passed him other work, he networked with French blogger who he helped and provided content for his blog. He eventually met Michelle in France with his wife and they had built a great history of networking over years all from a "Go Steelers!" tweet. This is the Tao of Twitter.

Think about the qualitative benefits of twitter not just quantitative.

The Tao of Twitter by @markwschaefer

How to Implement and Optimize Your Social Strategy
Neal Schaffer

Businesses need a framework for social:

Measure able

This all needs to be in a written document.

Deming Circle (based off of dr. Demi g)


This can be related to social media.

Social strategy Plan:

What is your objective? ROI tracking. Examples: increase sales: customer retention, brand Awareness.  decrease expenses: recruitment for new staff.

Customer -Target (detailed demographics). Understand what your customers want from you. Sneak peek? Coupons? What?

Share- content (what are you sharing?)

Who -employee or outsource.

Brand- branding guidelines including voice

On boarding- how? Phases and how to roll platforms out. Also includes training on how to use social for internal staff.


Social medi policy
Social media guidelines
Internal communication
Step by step

He has a slide with a link to a free social media planning calendar.

Create a daily workflow:


These should all be well defined to help you with the day to day.

Social is part science and part art.

Integrate social everywhere:

Online ads
Email marketing
Print/ radio/tv

Nealschaffer@gmail. Com

Closing keynote:
Why it pays to be like able