Redemption: Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries (Book 4)

Category: Fantasy Novel
Length: 196 pages
Age Rating: 15 or older

Cinderella, having lost her magical powers after she defeated Napoleon, is now asked to do the unimaginable—free him from his exile on the island of Elba. When she resists the call to help, Jeremiah, her husband and former witch hunter, convinces her that the fate of the world rests on Napoleon’s escaping, and she grudgingly goes along.

Yet unknown to Cinderella, Phoebe, her teenage daughter, has been flung far into the future and is at the center of a conspiracy that will lead to the destruction of the world. Torn between her grief of losing her magical powers and anger at what she has lost, Cinderella embarks on a desperate journey that takes her through the darkest and hardest challenge she has yet faced.

Without her magic, can Cinderella find a way to save the world, or will the evil forces from the future be too much and overcome her?