Stolen: Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries (Book 2)

Category: Fantasy Novel
Length: 226 pages
Age Rating: 15 or older

For ten years, Cinderella has raised her daughter on her own in America. But a mysterious witch hunter finds her and gives her a message that the Faerie Queen, Mab, searches to destroy her and he asks her to return to England. Fearing that she will be pulled back into the maelstrom of war sprouting throughout Europe, Cinderella flees and wishes to remain free. Yet with Napoleon now Emperor of France and the pawn of Queen Mab, only England still resists him. Pestilence and War have sprouted throughout Europe and Cinderella’s magic powers are needed to defeat Napoleon. The further Cinderella runs from her fate, the more she is drawn back. Her long lost love, Henri, is still ever in her mind and in running she learns of a dark secret that forever changes her and sets her off on a course she might never survive ...


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"The new characters are rich, sometimes unexpected, and a welcome addition to the story. As with the first book, there are many twists and turns, and the adventures within left me needing to stop reading, periodically, and take a breath before plunging back in! In other words, this book moves very quickly and makes you think. I love that!"

"Fresh, original and a great read. Download and enjoy. Cinderella no longer waits around for Prince Charming but has a life and amazing adventures."

"Ron Vitale has done it again. Like the first installment in the series, this book is filled with suspense and intrigue. A very fun read!"