Found: Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries (Book 3)

Category: Fantasy Novel
Length: 222 pages
Age Rating: 15 or older

For two years, Cinderella has searched for her lost daughter who had been kidnapped by Emperor Napoleon. With magic and at her wit's end, she searches for her long lost enemy, the Silver Fox, in a desperate attempt to convince him to help her find her daughter.

Allied with Jeremiah, the witch hunter, Cinderella stops at nothing to find her daughter and to defeat Napoleon. With time running out as only Russia remains strong against the Emperor's army, Cinderella will sacrifice all she knows to find her daughter, but will she lose herself or be found?


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"Ron Vitale’s use of historical and mythological characters lends an easy familiarity to the story. He writes these characters with the flawed quality of humanity. No one is completely good or bad. We are all shades of gray."

"The mixture of modern fairy tale and historical fiction, added to an at times quite dark strain (although not so dark that parents would need to be concerned), makes for really original storytelling.