A Witch's Coven Novels Fantasy Series

The Witch's Coven Novels will captivate readers who love fiction filled with fantasy and is a perfect match for fans who have read Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series.

Book Reading Order:

New to my books? Here is the reading order I recommend for books in The Realms series.

  • Awakenings

  • Betrayals

  • Dorothea's Song


Category: Fantasy Novel
Length: 154 pages
Age Rating: 18+

Awakenings contains several mature and graphic sex scenes that are not suitable for younger readers.

A witch of formidable illusions, Sabrina runs a coven and has settled down to teach initiates in the ways of magic. But when her initiate Alessia asks for her advice and brings back painful memories for her, wheels are put into motion that bring Sabrina’s past as a servant in one of the great houses in the magical world of The Realms into the forefront.

Bound when young in servitude to Thaddeus, one of the great house lords, Sabrina tries to outlive her past, but the choices she made then have always been a specter chasing after her. When an ancient evil haunts her and tries to destroy her and Alessia, Sabrina fights back until she realizes that there is no way for her to undo the mistakes of the past. Instead she needs to find another way to survive and save Alessia and the rest of her coven.

To right her wrongs and save her coven, Sabrina must face her greatest fear: the truth she’s hidden for nearly twenty years. But ancient evils do not care for truth and only want vengeance on her for what she has done.



"WOW!!! Sabrina is one KICK A#$ WITCH!!! Ron Vitale captures a woman's deepest emotions in an honest and very sensual descriptive way."

"I loved this book by Ron Vitale! He is such an incredible storyteller that you think that you are right in the story with the characters. I loved how well-developed his characters are."