Ron Vitale’s Fiction Books

Ron Vitale is a fantasy and science fiction author. Tired of reading his daughter books about the male hero rescuing the damsel in distress, he decided to write his own and take a different route.

His heroines are three dimensional characters, with human flaws, who embark on journeys of self-discovery in wildly original and imaginative adventures through fantastical worlds of wonder.

Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries Series

Genre: Fantasy

Lost cover

Lost (book 1)

Description: What happened to Cinderella after she married the prince? It’s not all happily ever after. Married at 19, Cinderella learns she can not have a child and the queen pressures her to see a witch who can help her bear an heir. Out of her element, Cinderella prays for her fairy Godmother to rescue her again, but a darker path presents itself to her and she must make a choice that will affect not only her life, but the lives of all around her forever…

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Stolen cover

Stolen (book 2)

Description: Set ten years after the events of Lost, Cinderella learns that a mysterious witch hunter has tracked her all the way to America. He carries a message from the Faerie Queen Mab who asks her to return to England. With war sprouting throughout Europe and Napoleon now Emperor, Cinderella chooses to deny the request. But when her daughter is kidnapped, her anger knows no bounds. The more Cinderella tries to run from her fate, the faster she is drawn back in. Can she save her daughter while shaking off the shackles of her long lost love, Henri? With the world at a turning point, she doesn’t have much time left…

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Found cover

Found (book 3)

Description: Set two years after the events of Stolen, Cinderella desperately searches for her long-lost enemy, the Silver Fox, in an attempt to convince him to help her find her daughter.

With time running out as only Russia remains strong against Napoleon’s army, will Cinderella sacrifice everything to save her daughter?

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Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries box set (books 1-3)

Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries Box Set: Books 1-3 (Lost, Stolen, Found)

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Redemption cover

Redemption (book 4)

Description: Set five years after the events of Found, Cinderella has settled down and accepted the day-to-day routines of a normal life. But when her teenage daughter travels far into the future and sends back a message that she’s caught in the center of a conspiracy that will lead to the destruction of the world, she needs to decide how far she will go to help. Without her magical powers, only a dark path exists for Cinderella if she wishes to reclaim her magic. Will she sacrifice her own soul to save the world? And if she does, will it be enough to win?

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The Jovian Gate Chronicles

Genre: Science fiction

The Jovian Gate Chronicles is a crossover trilogy that is tied together with the Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries books. You can enjoy either series on its own, but reading both gives you the full scope of the intricate plan that ties hundreds of years together with lots of adventure and excitement.

Faith cover

Faith (book 1)

Description: Desperately trying to find a way to save her mother Cinderella and return home, Phoebe has become embroiled in a conflict between the peaceful Cancrian race and the warrior-like Lan'khamires. Out of her element and time, Phoebe stumbles upon an interstellar conspiracy that threatens not only her life and those around her, but of the entire human race. Will she be able to outwit those who chase after her and return back home to save her mother? The clock is ticking, but in more ways than she knows...

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Jovian Gate Chronicles short story collection

The Jovian Gate Chronicles (Short Story Collection)

Description: Four loosely tied short stories bring you on an adventures: The discovery of the Jovian Gate, the first contact with aliens and how humans handle learning that an alien claims to be a prophet of God.

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The Werewhale Saga

Genre: Fantasy

Ahab’s Daughter cover

Ahab’s Daughter (book 1)

Description: Morgan, Captain Ahab’s daughter, searches for her twin brother and goes on a quest to the island of nightmares. Set in the 1850s, reviewers have described the Werewhale Saga as filled with “plenty of action, twists and turns and well-developed characters. It’s thrilling and original.”

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Ahab’s Heir cover

Ahab’s Heir (book 2)

Description: Set nearly two years after the events in Ahab’s Daughter, Morgan looks to break the sea curse that’s ruined her family. Morgan risks all to discover the secret of the fountain of youth and rescue Ishmael from the Dark Squid god’s evil influence. But all is not as it seems on the island with the famed fountain nor is the journey as straightforward as she had expected.

With time running out, will Morgan break the spell that will crack open a secret beyond what she ever could have imagined? If not, all Morgan holds dear will be lost forever.

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Ahab’s Descendants

Ahab’s Descendants (book 3)

Description: Daughter to the infamous Captain Ahab, Morgan has searched the world's oceans looking for a way to save her family from the dark squid god Kanaloa. Weeks after she and Ishmael barely escaped from the clutches of Kanaloa on a makeshift raft; she is mysteriously transported away. When she awakes in a strange castle on the Black Sea, she befriends her mysterious host, Vlad, and his housekeeper Helena in the hopes of making her way back to Ishmael. Yet despite the distance, Kanaloa still reaches out to ensnare her in a trap hundreds of years in the making. Like a master chess player, the dark squid god has laid out his pieces in the hopes of gaining what he wants the most–his freedom.

To defeat Kanaloa, Morgan must use not only her wits but her newly found powers to travel through the dreamline.With time running out, Morgan must sacrifice everything to save the ones she loves. When Kanaloa's great secret is revealed to her, all that Morgan has fought for is at risk. The decisions and sacrifices she makes will not only affect her life but of Ishmael's and the very world itself.

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The Witch’s Coven novels

Genre: Epic fantasy
Age Rating: (Recommended for mature audiences only)

Awakenings cover

Awakenings (book 1)

Description: Set in an epic fantasy world and told from a woman’s point-of-view, Awakenings is the story of Sabrina who learns of her magical powers as a teenager and becomes a powerful witch. Bound when young in servitude to Thaddeus, one of the great house lords, Sabrina tries to outlive her past, but the choices she made then have always been a specter chasing after her. To right her wrongs and save her coven, Sabrina must face her greatest fear: the truth she’s hidden for nearly twenty years. But ancient evils do not care for truth and only want vengeance on her for what she has done.

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Betrayals cover

Betrayals (book 2)

Description: Set in the same epic fantasy world as Awakenings, Sabrina is forced against her will to travel back in time to prevent a civil war in the Realms by murdering her house lord's half-brother. With the fate of the Realms in the balance, will Sabrina sacrifice everything in order to win and be reunited with her daughter? With precious little time, she will need to act or the entire Realms will fall around her.

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The Realms Series

Genre: Epic fantasy

Dorothea’s Song cover

Dorothea’s Song

Description: Set in the same epic fantasy world of the Witch’s Coven novels, follow the young elf maiden Dorothea on a journey in which she fights against a coven of witches, a renegade elf lord and the humans who have all joined forces to conquer the elvish forest. Set against the real world struggle of the teenager Peter, who is struggling with his parents' divorce, he uses his imagination to escape to a world of make believe. Over time the fantasy world and real one become wrapped together. Will Peter set everything right before it’s too late or will he fall into the depths of madness and despair?

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