Ahab's Daughter: The Werewhale Saga (Book 1)

Category: Dark Fantasy novel
Length: 211 pages
Age Rating: 13 or older

A sea of danger and magic. A family that can’t stay clear of the water…

Morgan refuses to let her twin brother suffer the same fate as their whale-obsessed father Captain Ahab. Despite her efforts to keep Nathan on dry land, her brother can’t resist the siren song of the sea and rumors of untold treasures on the Island of Nightmares…

Before Nathan can drop anchor and find his bounty, his crew encounters an ominous force. He’s convinced the creature is somehow connected to his father’s past and that one of his crew has been bitten. Could Nathan actually be on the run from a werewhale?

As the dark island fast approaches, Nathan’s adventure could end in a watery grave. It’s up to Morgan and her father’s old crewmate Ishmael to save Nathan’s life. But can she possibly change the mind of a man with the same stubborn streak as Captain Ahab?

Ahab’s Daughter is the rollicking first novel in The Werewhale Saga, a series of fantasy adventures. If you like tenacious heroines, supernatural twists, and high seas suspense, then you’ll love Ron Vitale’s entertaining follow-up to Herman Melville’s literary classic.

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"Thrilling and original, this is a great story filled with adventure and twists. I definitely never envisioned something so entertaining while in high school English! I really enjoyed the plot, and just could not predict where the story would turn." -Nella M., Amazon reviewer

"An excellent adventure with a good storyline and well-developed characters... Plenty of action and twists and turns exist. The cliffhanger ending was well done. Not sure how they will survive their next adventure." -J Phillips, Amazon reviewer