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Amanda Palmer and the Art of Asking Philadelphia 2014 Tour Stop

Amanda Palmer and the Art of Asking Philadelphia 2014 Tour Stop

Amanda Palmer stood on stage talking with her friend Kyle Cassidy and they were talking about fame, being a celebrity and social media. Amanda thought a moment and said that she remembered a time in which the random thought in your head could not be shared instantly to the world via Twitter, Facebook, or the social media platform du jour.

What We've Lost with Modern Communications

I remember a time in which I would receive actual letters in the mail. Now I get junk mail and some bills. The only time I receive anything of interest through the US postal service is around Christmas or my birthday and when I receive a package from Amazon for something I purchased. Long gone are the days of well-thought out and purposeful letters in which you could build a friendship over words. Time has passed and I have adapted to the modern era as well using texts, 140 characters or less and 6 second Vines to communicate. But is that good?

Is Social Media Harmful During a National Crisis?

After a long day in which police went door to door searching homes for Dzhokar Tsarnaev, I listened to officials in the Boston area tell the public that they were opening the subway, roads and allowing people back out on the street. Minutes later I watched in horror as shots rang out in Watertown and the hunt for Dzhokar Tsarnaev continued. On my TV, I watched as helpless news anchors talked about what they knew, realizing that none of them had the power of Twitter at their disposal.

Review: "What's the Future of Business?" by Brian Solis

I've been lucky enough to hear Brian Solis talk at a Vocus conference and spend a few minutes talking with him at a recent meetup in Philadelphia. Anyone who is interested in the future of business no matter if you're a consumer or in marketing, will want to pick up his latest book. If I could sum up Solis' mantra it would be "Engage or die" or "Innovate or die." He has been preaching his experiential brand of marketing for several years now and his latest book, "What's the Future of Business?", is another home run.

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