How to Become a Successful Author While Working Full-time: The Secret to Work-Life Balance

Unsure how to hold a full-time day job, a second career as an author and have a life outside of working? 

This book provides not only the details on how to enact a plan that will help you achieve your goal as an author, but also gives you the tools to deal with the stress of juggling multiple jobs, making time for family/friends and committing to practicing self-care.

Each chapter provides a roadmap on how to be successful by helping you define your goal, write a business plan, create a schedule, commit to yourself as well as how to prevent burnout and implement a marketing strategy for your book. Specific tips are given not only in marketing but also how to remain healthy in mind and body for the life of your career.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Starting Out
Chapter 2: Defining Your Goal
Chapter 3: Creating a Schedule
Chapter 4: Commit to Yourself
Chapter 5: Juggling the Beast
Chapter 6: The Truth About Burnout
Chapter 7: Meltdown
Chapter 8: Finish What You Started
Chapter 9: Create Your Business Plan
Chapter 10: Launch Your Book
Chapter 11: Reassess Your Goals
Chapter 12: Dealing with Change
Chapter 13: Starting Over Again
Chapter 14: Are You Happy?
Chapter 15: In It for the Long Haul
Appendix (Schedule, Resources)