Everyone is busy today, and if you've stopped to check out my writing, you might be wondering: What's in it for me? I believe that's a valid question that's worth answering. But instead of having a long drawn out post in which I try to convince you what the value proposition (*sigh*) is for you, I thought I'd get right to the point. So here goes...

  • I believe that stories can save you. I grew up in an alcoholic and abusive family, but learned that it is possible to grow up, be okay and have a good family of my own.

  • I believe our creativity and imagination are fantastic gifts that allow us to go on wild rides of great fun and that we need to exercise these talents more.

  • I believe it's essential that we ask questions about our leaders, society and ourselves.

  • I believe that women and men need to rescue themselves. There's no Prince or Princess on a white horse who's going to save us. We can rescue ourselves.

  • I believe Han Solo shot first.

  • I believe women are not the de facto chef, caretaker and household cleaner in a family and that men need to step up and actively participate in raising children and household chores.

  • I believe parenting is one of the hardest and most enjoyable roles I have ever done.

  • I believe achieving many of the goals I thought impossible can be achieved if I try.

  • I believe in working hard to become a better person and that when I fail it's necessary to get back up and try again.

  • I believe in hope and the power of the human spirit.

  • I believe love is all you need.

  • I believe in the power of letting go.

  • I believe INFJs on the Myers-Brigg type indicator (MBTI) personality test are cool people.

  • I believe that Tolkien and so many other great authors helped me survive my childhood.

  • I believe we can overcome our pasts, can rewrite the future, find healing and become healthy and strong individuals.

  • I believe in people. Yes, some do horrible things and we all make mistakes, but people can dream, build and achieve such amazingly wonderful things.

  • I believe in you.

There's a lot of other things that I believe, but I don't want to bore you. What's I've listed here is enough to give you a sense of who I am, what I stand for and the themes that you'll find in my writing. If you're interested in some of these things, chances are that you'll like what I write. Again, thanks for stopping by and if you want to check out my fiction, I'd suggest starting with a short story and the first book in the Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries series:

Thank you!