Ahab’s Heir: The Werewhale Saga (Book 2)

Category: Dark Fantasy novel
Length: 224 pages
Age Rating: 13 or older

More than a year has passed since Morgan and Ishmael escaped from the island of nightmares and the clutches of Kanaloa, the dark squid god. In that time, they’ve come closer together, but defeating Kanaloa and breaking the sea curse is their priority.

But when Morgan and Ishmael are separated, she makes a difficult choice and chooses to find and rescue Ishmael before he is swept up in the dark curse that afflicted both her father and twin brother.

To break the curse, Morgan risks all to discover the secret of the fountain of youth and rescue Ishmael from Kanaloa’s dark influence. But all is not as it seems on the island with the famed fountain nor is the journey as straightforward as she had expected.

With time running out, will Morgan break the spell that will crack open Kanaloa’s secret beyond what she ever could have imagined? If not, all Morgan holds dear will be lost forever.