Dorothea's Song: The Realms Series

Dorothea's Song is the first book in The Realms Series that tells the story of the young elf Dorothea who fights against a coven of witches, a renegade elf lord and the humans who have all joined forces to conquer the elvish forest. Set against the real world struggle of the teenager Peter who is struggling with his parents' divorce, Peter uses his imagination to escape to a world of make believe.

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"Ron Vitale mixes a modern (or at least the recent past) coming of age story with a grand fantasy quest. The author is able to juggle the requirements of both genres very well."

"The characters in this book are well developed and by switching back and forth between the main character's reality and the world he has created, we are able to watch as he struggles to right the wrongs of his life with his imaginings. The relationships he develops both with real, physical people and those he has created, mirror each other very naturally. This was a rather intense and interesting book."