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3 Reasons Why Co-writing with My Husband Is Scary and 3 Ways I’m Conquering My Fears

Hi, I’m Karen. For almost 40 years, I’ve been an imaginary writer.

Meaning, I spend lots of time imagining how great it will be when I finally write all the amazing stories that are locked somewhere inside of me. But not really doing that much, y’know... actual writing. Because words are hard. And it’s much more fun contemplating which studio I’ll license my film rights to, than writing anything film-worthy.

6 Extremely Important Things You Need to Know to Write a Book

I have 6 published novels and one short story collection, along with two first drafts sitting at home and am nearly halfway through writing the first draft of a new novel that my wife and I are working on. So, where do all these ideas come from? What’s my creative process and how does an idea become a published book?