What's Your Greatest Challenge as an Indie Author?

What's the biggest obstacle you're trying to overcome?

I'm curious. Write and let me know.

For me, I could probably write a book about all the challenges I've had to overcome. The question is a hard one because there are so many competing ones:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Volatile publishing industry
  • Technological disruption
  • Learning marketing trends

When I honestly take a step back and put down all the writing challenges I have, the list I've shared are the biggies, but it's not the biggest. Two others are the elephants in the room.

Where are my readers?

I published my first Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries book back in 2011 and I wrote the book with a certain reader in mind. I knew that my readers would be female and I assumed between the ages of 18-25. Why? With the craze of Twilight, The Hunger Games and the Divergent series, I knew that the young adult genre was on fire and I wrote my books for that audience.

However, over time in looking at my analytics, I now know that 70% of my readership is over the age of 45. I didn't expect that. Next month I have a blog article coming out on the ALLi blog that shows all the screenshots from my Google analytics dashboard and I'll walk you through what I learned.

But in the meantime, the issue of discoverability remains a major issue for me. Where are my readers hanging out online? How can I engage with them and find more readers?

That's a big hurtle for me to overcome because I've sent email blasts out to my subscribers and some of them have tremendous challenges with technology (especially side-loading books onto the Kindle app). I streamlined the process by using Instafreebie as my reader magnet, but even then I still have a few readers that just want to go to Amazon and get the book that way—no matter if I send them screenshots or instructions.

Know Thyself

The other challenge (it's a close second) is the limitations that I set on myself. What exactly do I mean by that? If I think I can't do something, then I'll fail. I often only see the barrier or the restrictions around my circumstances. I am seeing only the trees and not the forest.

Back in 2015, I pushed myself extremely hard and wrote Awakenings: A Witch's Coven Novel in a month and quickly followed up with book 2. I did all of that while working full-time, raising two kids and training for a half-marathon. I burned myself out and realized that I couldn't do it all.

But what I didn't understand is that with help (people, tools and a smart marketing strategy), I could reach readers even when I was sleeping with autoresponder emails. The limitations I had set on myself prevented me from succeeding in my goals because I didn't see the other options available. I only saw the tools and time I had around me. By networking, reading and experimentation, doors became opened to me that I didn't even know existed.

So again, I ask you:

What is your greatest challenge?

Let me know because together we might be able to solve it.

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