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Steps Are Your Mortal Enemy (Week 3 in a Cast)

I'm 43 years old and I've encountered several obstacles along the way in life. I expect you've done the same. So here's a scenario. Let's play this out. When you come to an obstacle in your life, such as being in a cast and encountering stairs leading to the first floor of your house, what do you do?

You've Torn Your Achilles and Now What?

I'm writing this for all the people who will stumble upon it after they rupture or tear their Achilles. Hopefully, this will be of help to you. Here's some background: I'm 43 years old, a runner and in good shape. Back on June 26, 2014, I tore my Achilles in my left leg playing racquetball with my wife. My family and I were on vacation so I went to urgent care the next day, found out the injury wasn't a break from an x-ray, and was wrapped up and given crutches.