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What's the Point of Your Quest?

I had the privilege last night of hearing Chris Guillebeau speak last night at Indy Hall in Philadelphia in promotion of his new book "The Happiness of Pursuit." A friend of mine had asked me last week if I would be interested in hearing Chris speak. To be honest, I wasn't quite certain if I wanted to go since walking and getting around while I'm still recovering from my torn Achilles injury, but my friend and I had already made plans for dinner and I thought that taking a risk and trying something new might open new doors for me.

Follow Your Own Voice

I've been thinking a lot lately about conformity and choices in our lives. It's been a topic that's on my mind because my children are now back in school. I'm amazed to hear of the stories of how children pick on each other for not being like them. It's an interesting defense mechanism to make them feel powerful: "Hey, he looks weird so let's pick on him and no one will pick on me."

I wanted to write a quick update on the status of my recovering. I expect a few of you are still following along on my journey and some of you have stumbled on this post through Google. For those catching up, I tore my Achilles tendon playing racquetball back on June 26, 2014. It's now September 2nd and I wanted to give an update but also exorcise some of the demons within.